The Mocking Mainstream: Revisiting Satire News' Contribution to the Public's Political Awareness


  • Evangelos Voulgarakis Yuteh, Private Bilingual School Taiwan


Media Consumption, Satire News, News, Media, Taiwan, Cultural Differences, Political Awareness


The advent of social media brought about the popularity of satire news and evolved a new approach to news consumption that presupposes the absence of any competence differential between viewer and journalist or between the public and the news media. To that extent, newscasters are not considered the final arbiters of information but the service-providing announcers of the already expected and obvious, for the purpose of satirical amusement and validity of the viewer's outlook. This research evaluated satire news that caters to biased views which questions not only the content and interpretation of the news, but also the professional specialization news dissemination presupposes. Methods include extraction of news outfits from different media sources to appraise satire news. The research concluded that contributory to satire news occurs within a wider cultural predisposition against expertise, encouraged by a growing momentum of social censorship on political and research discourse.

Author Biography

Evangelos Voulgarakis, Yuteh, Private Bilingual School Taiwan

Evangelos Voulgarakis, PhD, specializes in the impact of globalization on the rhetoric of Propaganda, group identity, and symbols of national and religious heritage. He holds a PhD from the University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, and currently lives in Taiwan and works as an Advanced Placement teacher of Modern History.  His research interests include mass media, protest movements, and populism.


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